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Thoughts on the Loot Auction

Submitted by ff14store Jan 20, 2016

Seems like my issues with it are common: 


1) takes too much time. people can be Cheap Blade And Soul Gold in a hurry, and even if you have to wait for the rest to run through the bidding to continue.


2) it favors those with money. Once i found out that you actually get a split of the bid once takes the edge off but the issue is still there. on early start i had a level 19 character bidding close to 20 silver on some items in a lvl 19 run. IDC who you are, but 24 hours into the early release and a lvl 19 has the cash to plunk down 10-20 silver multiple times? either it was an alt and they literally played non stop on their main....or they were a gold buyer.


That's my biggest gripe. it not only favors those with money, but it favors gold buyers (who usually buy from gold sellers). in a game that really tries to prevent gold sellers (f2p player doesn't even get coin from quests until lvl 15, aside from the storyline), the dungeons motivate you to buy. weird duality if you ask me.


It's one of those things that really didn't need to be improved on. need/greed was simple, effective, and worked. no clue why they thought favoring gold buyers was an improvement.


I think my only real complaint about it is how painfully long it can take to actually go through the process because that can be pretty tedious when you might be trying to rush through that particular dungeon, and I really hated it in the beggining for that reason. But otherwise I find it fair, and the fact that the winner's bid money is distributed to the rest of the party is nice--you can even just use that money for a later auction! I've seen that are ways to abuse the system though, such as baiting people into bidding higher for items that aren't even worth that much so one can get more money from them as a result...But I'll admit that is funny to watch when this completely backfires on someone though, haha.


I dont like it at all, im too Buy Blade And Soul Gold used to Need/Greed and also the bidding takes forever if the item is really sought after. I sat there for 5 minutes earlier watching people having a bidding war for the Blight Weapon for upgrading the Hongmoon. Plus on top of that when im just questing around with my wife we have to just put it on FFA and keep track of who gets what. Because we dont want to have to bid every time a drop happens.

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