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Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 07, 2016

If there is no skill involved than of course I would agree. I am saying that the best will be the best from practice, not from most time investment giving ability to wear better gear. As long as skill > gear when not at an extreme disadvantage I am fine with the game being as grindy as they want. If you want everyone to be on an equal playing level go play a MOBA. If you are going to play an MMO by Albion Online Power Leveling, especially a hardcore one like Albion, the whole reason you are playing it over a MOBA is for this grind you claim to hate. If everyone maxes out in under a month what's the difference? It become very miniscule. Albion has 3 focusses... econemy, PVP, and PVE... of which you can always do two with no fear and they have stated they would make gear capped PVP. This means you get to enjoy everything without having extreme time investment. If you want to be a top rated guild, you have to give your life. There is no way around this. You can beg, cry, and say anything you desire. If you truly want everyone equal than Albion would not be your game purely on that it is not only PVP focussed. In order for the other aspects of the game have influence on the PVP the grind must be real. The more real the grind the more long term players they will have. I have countless friends that hate PVP in these games and love PVE. This game can still be an option. I am excited to see everywhere this game goes!


While i am a huge fan of difficult Albion Online Gold and games that are not casual friendly, i really don't care for this change as much because im a hardcore player and this will just slow me down a tad. If im putting 10+ hours a day like during alphas then il still be ahead of the casuals just the same, as will everyone else.

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