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Some Suggestion To Albion Online

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 08, 2016

Crafters can repair items they themselves can craft with maybe a new field repair kit.Gatherers can harvest materials from mobs killed of the appropriate type of Albion Online Silver (means adding golems, salvaging metals of armored mobs, wood/plant creatures or faeries)

His really does not seem to "fix" the supply issue. Chest space/availability of resources, time spent on turning in the items for fame will all impact this feature. The overall issue is two fold, there is not enough demand for the items and the items are very easy to mass produce. Having to make a few hundred swords to get to the next tier is fine, but this leads to a lopsided market. I think that a better approach would be to give the crafter an option, spend the resources to make the sword, or spend similar resources to "research" and just gain fame with no end product. This will drive down supply while also solving storage and time issues. No new tabs/systems would need to be implemented, it would just be a new "recipe". If it is found to be unbalanced you can add either a silver gain or cost to the "research".

I would also think that in the current system it would make sense to raise the material cost off all items across the board. Maybe raise the fame gained from crafting to compensate, would really need to be tested. If a breastplate took 32 of an item instead of 16 that alone would decrease the supply. I do not think that the idea behind crafting is to simply make hundreds of items by buy Albion Online Gold, it is to put to use the materials that are gathered. If you make the items take more materials, they in turn should not be as easy to mass produce. Tune the numbers until the supply seems to come in line with what you want. It could hopefully make the items harder to craft and thus worth more. This will in turn likely drive the cost of raw materials down a bit and equalize the costs.


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