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Server Transfer, Serious discussion NCSOFT

Submitted by ff14store Jan 18, 2016

I have been reading through the forums and been looking at the post NCSOFT made about the transfer from Cheap BNS Gold Mush/Windrest. I think it's pretty nice to see them doing this for the community and i really appreciate it ~ much love to them! but let's get serious here.

I think that a server transfer is very important for a game like this, most other mmos have it and this game will really benefit from having it. My friends are spread all over EU and we would love

to play together and we have been lvling too much to be able to just ''remake'' the character, sadly it is not that easy for people that have work and can only play on weekends.


Think about it ~ A server transfer would benefit us all! Happy players/customers and a rich NCSOFT..Personally i would not mind paying between 10-30 euros for a transfer and i think many others would agree that a real server transfer option in the Store would be godlike =)


I just want to know if a real server transfer option in the shop is something that will come out in the future and/or if it's something that NCSOFT actually consider making.


I'm against this option being permanently in shop.


I agree that enabling it temporary due to current Mushin/Windrest problems is needed, but on long term it's a no go.


My experience with NCSoft and their affiliates regarding this service is simply bad.


In the past despite their reassurances and promises they did not put any control in transfer services and allowed this way to make certain servers heavily imbalanced or low populated.


As this service is helpful and useful for standalone players - it's still abused heavily by Guilds/Clans/Legions in every MMO which cause such problems I have mentioned before.


I'm trying hard to find a single reason for why this is a bad idea...i can't think of anything

Since Blade and Soul is Buy BNS Gold cross server with most stuff it can't badly affect the game ~ People want transfer because they want to be on the same server/guild as their friends.

Even if there was something bad about it i would still want it, i wanna be free to move to whatever server i want and not some Prison game....


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