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Personally I believe A Wipe Is Needed

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 11, 2016

Reasoning behind that is if someone had just hit T6 Armor/Weapon or any other tier, as long as they had the required fame, numerical value wise they were pushed to the next tier so instant T7.

Where as the rest of the player base is still required to venture that journey by buy Albion Online Gold which is rather discouraging catching up to the population who made gain off this moderate change in values.

Why do I think that's a bit game(beta) breaking? It's been proven people will abuse power when it is handed to them.Granted I'm not complaining because I will be one of those people, but good luck to the rest.

If they wiped it they should make sure to tweak the numbers on the current stage build, Korn has already stated that those numbers are not final. They will be changed and when it does, then I believe a wipe would need to be implemented. To be honest I probably won't play again until a wipe comes. I don't feel like I have anything left to test. The game is bland now. Progression walls and meaningless pvp. No consequence if I die I just use one of my 50 backups of 5.2, if they decide to put the patch out I'm nearly 7.2. It just doesn't pan over well with me and gives me no reason to test the game further. Game is broken in its current state.

I personally feel like with how major the changes a wipe is needed. I understand everyone's reasoning against it, but I feel for balancing reason it has to done. The results you get from such a Albion Online Silver after a month of grinding are going to be super skewed. I say wipe the servers and reset the 3month beta period. Rebalancing from the ground up would help a lot more and just make more sense. You're going to get biased feedback from both ends of spectrum. X, Y and Z are OP/UP because my tier 5 can't/can keep up with it. I also feel like the economy is going to be thrown into chaos and again you're going to get skewed results.

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