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moisturize the skin with the right treatment

Submitted by albert dell Feb 06, 2017

moisturize the skin with a moisturizer following selection Moisturizer become one of the women as a way to moisturize dry skin. Let's find out what steps you are doing is correct or not. Cold air often makes the face feels dry, rough, dull, or crusty. Especially if your skin type is quite dry. Therefore, many people are trying to moisturize their skin. One way is to use a moisturizer, facial moisturizer alias. Facial moisturizers act as protectors which keep the skin to stay hydrated and healthy, improve dry skin, protect sensitive skin, and improve skin tone and texture. Want to know how to hydrate skin good? Let's consider the steps below: Choose a moisturizer according to skin type face In order for skin care and moisturizing work effectively, it is recommended to choose a facial moisturizer according to your skin type. In addition, the skin will look and feel soft. Dry skin. Choose an oil-based moisturizer (oil-based) and contain a variety of ingredients that help keep the skin moist. Eg petrolatum based moisturizer is suitable for very dry skin or chapped skin. Oily skin. Search for water-based moisturizing products (water-based) that are labeled noncomedogenic so it does not clog pores. Oily skin needs moisturizing, especially after using skin care products to remove oils and dry out the skin. Sensitive skin. Choose a moisturizer that contains ingredients like chamomile or aloe vera and contains no acids, fragrances or dyes. Skin aging. With age, the skin tends to become drier because oil production decreases, therefore, find an oil-based moisturizer containing petrolatum, antioxidants, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to combat wrinkles. Normal skin. Select water-based moisturizer that does not feel greasy and contain light oil or silicone derivatives such as cyclomethicone. How to moisturize skin By applying a moisturizing skin or the way it can not be arbitrary. There are stages that should be done in order to work with maximum moisture in your skin. What are they? Wash your face. Clean the skin with soap and clean water to clean the face and remove makeup, dirt, and sweat that has accumulated. Apply moisturizer immediately after a face washed and still moist. Alias ​​no more than 2-3 minutes after face washing. "Moisture will help lock in water and absorbed by the skin better," said a beautician. Apply moisturizer to pinch the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose with your hands and fingers are clean. This is useful for preventing the entry of dirt and bacteria, as well as the blockage of the pores. Moisturizing facial massage that is flat and completely absorbed in the skin. Wait for at 2 so moisturizing dry and absorbed by the skin before applying makeup. It is advisable not to apply moisturizer too much or too little. Why? If too much, the skin looks shiny and feels heavy, causing acne, and make you difficult to apply makeup. Whereas if it is too little, skin will feel tight, dry, crusty, cracked, and look dull. When using a moisturizer that suits your skin type, a pinch is enough to put on the whole face. How to moisturize the skin is not difficult, as long as you remember to use a facial moisturizer according to skin type and follow the rules recommended Health Blog And Reviews.

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