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Modern Marlboro cigarettes harm comparable to arsenic

Submitted by spencerhastin Mar 10, 2016

#lin20160311#Modern Marlboro cigarettes harm comparable to arsenic Marlboro Cigarettes, a beautiful name, incense!But the harm it is recognized worldwide, the terrible is people are its hazards threatening torture, also be the temptation to defeat. The world one day sucked in cigarette can almost floating in the world all the sea. people have been doing a slave to cheap Marlboro cigarettes, let it attacks your heart, stomach, lung, do not repent.Sadly, it is to know the human serious, yet not to care, until life as autumn leaves falling.Moreover, the more serious is that very few people know that the toxicity of Marlboro red cigarettes are becoming more and more strong! A charitable organization by the US research found that tobacco companies in the past 50 years taken a series of secret means, so smoking has become more dangerous, more addictive. An parliament cigarettes authoritative organization doctor said that now the Marlboro gold cigarette is higher than the risk of disease in 1964. Let us look at the following 6 deadly changes.The first. expansion of bronchus, acceleration smoke into the lungs. Adding chemicals in Marlboro lights cigarettes, easy to expand the lung airways, making smoke Marlboro Red Cigarettescheap cigarettes that more smokers are afraid, so quit smoking, I hope this is an effective method.

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