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Make The Albion Online Toolmarket More Reasonable

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 20, 2016

There was another suggestion earlier to allow labourers to be given tools, to make the toolmarket more reasonable, and I imagine that would be the perfect approach to rarity.Send out a labourer with a low-quality tool would mean you get mostly normal resoures and very rarely and in small quanities Albion Online Power Leveling uncommons, but send them out with a legendary quality tool and you get a high chance of getting back some legendary rarity resources.


That's more complex to code and make though, so I've omitted it from the current solution as I think the current solution I proposed is good enough on it's own for the time being, and can be fixed with very little effort.


See? That's the trouble with throwing out numbers. My bad. What I mean is have a version of the book that will take a play session (1 to 2 hours) to fill. Whatever that amount should be.


I've talked with a lot of folks in the community about this change, in the forums and in-game, TS/Discord, etc. Everyone I've talked to adamantly believes that 33% is way way WAY too low. I don't think that's the right way to look at it. Maybe it'll change, maybe it won't. But good game design is about finding ways to Albion Online Silver work around design constraints. So if we assume that 33% is a hard and fast amount, what possible ways could we come up with, to make at least some of us want to fill books for that amount of return.


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