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Here are Some Samples Of MapleStory

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 14, 2016

Other Mapler's characters (there are more if you look through the pages, but these are the ones I think came out best):


Anyway, just give me a link with your MS character (and if your MS character is in your avatar, let me know), or the name of an MS NPC you want drawn, and I will get to drawing them ASAP. 

Just as a note, your MapleStory Mesos will be colored in whichever manner I feel like doing. It's more likely to be a traditional work rather than digital (it can be done offline), but it can be digital if I feel like it.


zxKevin, I typically do sketches only because my paint program, GIMP, crashes all the time. >_<;. It's too unstable to color in the manner I'd like to. I can try to add some flat color, though. It just can't be anything fancy because the second it gets multiple layers, GIMP crashes and I lose everything. I can also do colored pencil colors, if you would rather have those (and if I can find mine)


GreenHatGirl, BladeSoul69, certainly! And GreenHatGirl, thanks so much for the detail drawing (it looks good BTW)--it'll make things a LOT easier. I'll get to them as soon as I can.

Do either of you want me to try to add flat color to your art, or maybe some colored pencil? (If I can dig them up, that is)


I usually wouldn't think it to be a big deal, I mean from where I'm sitting everyones shoes look the same (all black), but I have seen artists who really get into detail by Cheap MapleStory Mesos, and I would rather make sure they have a way to know what to draw rather than simply hope they know how to draw shoes.


Also I can be a colorblind idiot sometimes  Good thing I went character surfing for no reason.


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