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Character For Albion Online Crafting

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 21, 2016

I had to think this through because it's a difficult issue which can be abused and hard to police anyways. But I voted no. We already have an option to create another character and do whatever we want so for example your main character is for combat and pvp only and alt character for crafting. That's fine I guess, you don't need new account for that. Having multiple characters logged in could be used for scouting, refining or some shady business. Problem with refining could be solved by the same concept as in Eve - placing resources into crafting station and waiting for it without channeling. Scouting should be risky so setting alt character somewhere at the same time playing other character is too convenient. And allowing multiple characters to be logged in at the same time would mean everybody's gonna use it for its incentives.


Other issue some people mentioned - learning points, if we are allowed to have other characters logged in or just used for LP then the LP system just fails because it was supposed to encourage specialization, while it encourages multi-characters/accounts for the purpose of being self-sufficient. Then we may remove the LP system because players gonna use alt characters anyways.


Why not make it possible to hire wokers for the stations. Then you just hand in your mats to be refined or for crafting of gear. Then all guild is working to make the crafter tier up, ofc theres should be a limit for how Albion Online Power Leveling many task ad 1 time the woker can have, or maybe you could hire more crafters the higer the building tier is. So if you want to have more crafting capacity you need to have more stations, it could also work as anti zerg.


Because it's more interesting and adds more features to the game, simplifying things is not always better. If we start simplifying Albion, then soon refining, crafting, gathering is instant and you don't need special crafting station to craft gear (epic, legendary) etc That's how WoW failed, simplifying every possible activity. With my idea you have 2 options, 1st involves your time on refining at crafting station, 2nd involves silver which you need to farm anyways. I don't want to take devs time but if there's a problem with refining such idea is imo better solution than only reducing the refining time.






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