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Albion Online Silver- Player vs. Enviroment

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 05, 2016

Given that there are no 'classes' in Albion Online, we will refer to each character subtype as plate, leather and cloth. Which character style you play can greatly affect your enjoyment and self-sufficiency.  There are many weapons in the game, so we will skip over those for now.  The best strategy towards maximizing your self-sufficiency is to level your gear and weapon of choice to the highest level you can, and use that gearset to farm mobs for Albion Online Silver.  

The higher your tier, the easier it is to farm.  However, only wear gear higher than tier 4 in no-PVP zones.  For it is very expensive to buy a new set if you loose it... and you will.  Most tier 3 sets have an average cost of 5k silver or more and if you can only farm 6k silver an hour... well, you get the picture.  Do not go into PVP-limited, or FFA PVP zones, unless you go farm with many other guildmates - which is still risky.  However, if you have more than one set, you may decide whether or not it is worth the risk.

Plate armor - generally a melee class that has high physical damage mitigation, but is weak to magic.  Currently, plate armor is the most self-sufficient armor by buy Albion Online Gold in the game.  It is much easier to farm mobs for silver with plate than any of the other armors.  This is a great path to take for a new player.  You can have a one handed weapon and shield, a two handed melee weapon, or even a ranged crossbow.

Leather armor - generally a ranged class that features powerful bows.  Leather armor offers a nice blend of both spells and attributes between the plate and cloth classes.  Great dps, decent damage mitigation, attach and support spells.  Many plays will often use leather armor with a combination of plate or cloth.

Cloth armor - generally a ranged class that can either DPS or Heal.  Cloth wearers are like mages.  They are very self-sufficient at farming due to the fact that they can DPS and Heal on the fly, minimizing downtime.  However, cloth armor is extremely weak to physical damage.  Therefore, cloth wearers must farm lower tier mobs and are limited to how far they can push solo-farming capabilities.  Also, cloth wearers must level two weapons or more, at the same time.  This results in the class taking a very long time to level and requiring more resources to accomplish the same milestones as a leather or plate wearer.  I recommend the cloth armor tree for only experienced players.

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