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Albion Online's Sandbox Interactive

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 18, 2016

Medieval, cross-platform sandbox MMO with a fully player-driven economy and territorial combat. Losing in combat carries with it serious consequences such as full looting of your corpse upon defeat, making fights all the more meaningful — just like in the medieval times. Instead of focusing on class progression (in fact, there are no classes in the game) you define your buy Albion Online Gold and role in the game by your actions. Equip a board and sword and fight for your territory to become a renowned protector king, or focus on crafting to emerge as a merchant prince. The character progression path is yours to freely choose.


 Albion Online is banking on its seamless cross-platform capabilities to entice players on different operating systems and devices to all play together. Imagine always being able to access and fully control your character at home through the PC or Mac, through your smartphone while taking the bus to work and through the iPad during work or school breaks. More than 34,000 have liked the Albion Online Facebook fan page.


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