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Albion Online Handle Trade And Crafting

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 13, 2016

Are you even trying BamRam? What the heck you old coot, I know you don't leave your lair a lot, but even you should remember the War Boars are a KDS civil corps squad. We handle trade and crafting. Have to check rosters to see if we're recruiting, so I'll get back to you folks later on that. Just find a different damn name by Cheap Albion Online Gold... all those books and spells and artefacts and you can't find something usable?

And another thing, if I catch one more mage throwing fireballs at my people 'for giggles', we're going to have problems. Last one almost hit poor Sore Boar, you know his leg's been gone since Christmas.

I understand your argument kind sir and allow me to refute it by saying #$% off you scroungy bone head.

A real army depends on logistics as much as on fighters, you have training, supply lines, equipment, scouting, plans of attack, timing, etc. I'd be more than happy to explain (slowly) to you and your mangy pack, but I'm all out of colored crayons.

I seem to remember a small siege last fall where you and your pack ended up at the keep door with a dumb 'what now' look on your face. Your solution was to use Sieger Reaver's head to break down the door. I mean... I'm just speechless, and so is he since that day. Not even our squad would do that to one of our own, and we're |#$% bulls.

We strive to keep all our members included in the fun. While this means we may not progress optimally to be the #1 guild in AO, we intend to progress in a sustainable manner that leaves nothing to be wanted by our members. While some may Albion Online Silver builds and simplicity of construction, we want our members to experience the game as it's meant to be; a wide breath of varying play styles just begging to be explored.


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