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Albion Gold Create Interesting Situations

Submitted by fifa15coinsfans Jan 16, 2016

Imho UO and WOW are sturdy stones in the themepark and sandbox not because are outstanding games, but because they did the right things at the right time, and from there the userbase got too invested in those games with lots of friends and memories. Try to recreate from scratch the same success now following the same path, and it will fail miserably. Albion needs a larger playerbase to create interesting situations and sustain the company using todays business models with their dark side, this is not a low budget made in china with professionals working for 500 euro a month, this is germany, this is not a garage game dev enthusiast who are sleeping and programming and that's it. The need to cater a decent portion of potential userbase, otherwise there wouldn't be a meaning for the mobile platform as most hardcore will play on pc. The message should have been clear that this game needs the casual side to be attracted.


Since the crowdfunding model got traction and client/server tech got inexpensive or free, game development got that entry barrier too low. Playerbase feel like entitled shareholders who dictate things instead of supporters. And too many companies have create a total saturation of the market. This situation is ruining games that survive and thrive on a constant high userbase and living virtual world like Cheap Albion Online Gold. Too many games trying to do the same thing, too much fragmentation, too many games that are flopping. Competition is good, but oversaturation is not. Not much we can do. We will see with VR gaming, standard mmo within 10 years will be like 8bit games now to me anyway.

I'm too tired to play with key and mouse, and touch, I'm waiting for VR and brainwave technologies to get some recognition from big game developers and get really new experiences.


People should really think why full loot handcore pvp is so difficult to see, and why you can only see small indie companies doing it, it's too niche and too expensive to make things polished, that's why you always end up with small indie groups trying with half polished products. MMO needs lots of money to be produced at a level that feel polished like top themeparks and justify you are going to play for years. Small companies do not have enough capabilities to create highly polished sandbox titles, it's a fact across many hardcore sandbox games. So far I have seen only one company in recent time to get pretty much everything right with great skills and minimal money and that's Grinding Gear Games with Path of Exile even if it's not a sandbox, they are the ones in recent times who have been really skilled in the indie scene.



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